From One Lawn to Another

Your lawn is an important part of your property, which is why you vibrant. We have some additional tips about mowing your lawn, a task that is sometimes viewed as something that does not require a lot of thought, that will help your grass grow steadily and exude health. Let us take a look at some ways you can make sure your mowing habits are not hurting your lawn. The time of day is a very important consideration in order to mow your lawn successfully. It may be tempting to rise early and get your lawn mown before the heat of the day rises to an unbearable degree. Sure, you might be getting this task done and out of the way for the day, but your lawn will suffer. Cutting your grass in the morning or early afternoon makes it susceptible to sun scorch. Cutting the grass is actually quite traumatic for the plant because you are exposing the bottom of the grass blade to sunlight. When the grass is higher, the base of the blade is protected and shaded, meaning it is easier for it to retain moisture and stay cool. Cutting the grass too low and in the morning or early afternoon will expose this vulnerable part of the plant and make it harder to stay hydrated, which will cause the grass to become weak and dry. You should make it a goal to only mow your lawn after the hottest part of the day has passed. This way both you and your lawn will be protected from the hot heat of the sun and its negative effects. One aspect of mowing that you will often hear differing opinions on is what to do with the clippings. Some people do not like the appearance of clippings on the ground, and truthfully it can take away from the neatness of your lawn if the clippings are not distributed evenly. However, leaving grass clippings on your lawn is highly beneficial. The idea is to keep a continuous circle of life when it comes to your lawn. As your grass grows, you can cut the top parts of the grass blade and allow them to stay where they fall where they will break down and deliver nutrients back into the soil, giving your grass the food it needs to grow in a healthy manner. If you keep your mower set on high while you cut, there should not be huge clumps of clippings that will mar the appearance of your lawn. If there are too many clumps for you, use a rake to break up the clumps and spread the clippings evenly over the grass. Another benefit to using a higher setting on your lawn mower is that it allows your grass to retain moisture, which means it will require less watering to maintain its vigor and brightness in color. Remember that cutting your grass is a very traumatic experience for your grass if not performed properly. So by keeping your mower setting on high and not cutting the blade down close to the root, you are helping the lawn become stronger. A sturdy lawn means the roots are able to fight off weeds, which work hard to steal the nutrients and water from your turf. With the addition of the clippings, your lawn has a chance to grow to its fullest potential, making your property look well-kept and beautiful throughout the season.

December 6, 2017