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Grub Control Peoria IL

When you use the services of Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc., you are guaranteed to have an incredible looking lawn that is lush, green and healthy. But while we do our best to nurture your lawn, there are elements out there that may hurt and damage the grass from the top down to its roots. One such issue is the invasion of grubs. Spotting and then eradicating your lawn of grubs is essential in helping it stay strong and flourish. If you think you have grubs on your lawn, then you will want to give Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc. a call and have us investigate.

What Can Grubs Do?
Grubs are insects that will eat at the root of your grass and basically kill it. You may start to notice that the lawn becomes spotty and brown in some areas because the grass and the roots are eaten and do not have an opportunity to grow back. Grubs will then move along and continue causing damage as well as laying eggs so that their spawn can hatch and begin eating the grass up as well. Throughout their life cycle, grubs turn into beetles which will then begin feeding on your plants and your garden.

Ways to tell if you have grubs include:
•    Checking where dead grass is and seeing these c-shaped insects; you will easily see if you have a grub problem.
•    Dead grass appears in well-irrigated parts of your line.
•    It looks like critters are tearing up your lawn.

Another problem with having grubs is that they attract critters. Raccoons, opossums, rats and moles are just some of the animals that feed on grubs. They will dig into your lawn and tear out these insects. Unfortunately, this is not always a sign of grubs. These animals may also be feeding on earthworms so, if you think you may have grubs, it is advised to have an experienced lawn care company come check it out.

How to Fight Grubs
Getting rid of grubs does not have to be an intensive battle. In fact, with Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc. we spray grub control as part of our fertilization application. On the third round of fertilizing, we include grub control. As the roots of your grass get stronger, we want to make sure it has every opportunity to grow without complication.

Our grub control service is 100% guaranteed. We know you have invested a lot of time and money in your lawn and landscaping and we want to ensure it has every chance it can to thrive and remain beautiful. When you call us to take care of the grubs that have annoyingly appeared in your yard, you can feel confident that the problem will be resolved. If our treatment fails to fully remove the grubs from your yard, we will return at no additional charge and take care of the grub problem once and for all.

Choose Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc.
For your grub control needs, contact the professionals at Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc. We are a locally owned and operated organization with nearly 30 years of experience taking care of people’s property. Whether you have a commercial property or a residential property, we have the resources to help you have the lawn of your dreams. Our technicians are all licensed and certified so you can expect a top-notch job to be completed by professionals who know how to use the sprays and methods to stop the spread of grubs.

For beautiful green grass all summer long, call the professionals at Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc.


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