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Landscaping Pekin IL | Lawn Care Pekin IL | Landscape Design Pekin IL

Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. has been serving the residents and commercial properties of Pekin IL with professional and reliable lawn care and landscaping for decades. Whether you need the services of a mowing company that will help keep your grass well-manicured or you are interested in a complete landscape design project including a brick paver patio and retaining wall, Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. has the capabilities of delivering a variety of high quality services.

Pekin Illinois Facts
Pekin IL is located just south of Peoria along the shore of the Illinois River. Located in Tazewell County with a small portion stretching into Peoria County, Pekin is just over 15 square miles in area size with a population of just over 34,000 residents. Situated at the halfway point between Chicago and St. Louis, the residents of Pekin Illinois have the luxury of enjoying the amenities of a suburban city while being close to some great big cities.

Pekin Illinois History
Pekin has a history of folks coming into the area as early as 1680 but they did not stay and were more interested in trading with Native Americans and other travelers who roamed through rather than put down roots. It was not until the 1820’s when a man built a log cabin near the river and encouraged his friends and family to join him that settlers started migrating to the area. By the end of the decade, the area was surveyed and given the name Pekin after the city in China. Within 20 years, the population escalated to 1,500 permanent residents.

Pekin has a claim to fame as the site where Lincoln and other Whig party members created what was known as the Pekin Agreement which helped propel Lincoln into the 30th Congress in 1846.

Pekin Marigold Festival
The tradition of the Pekin Marigold Festival dates back to 1973 and was dedicated to Senator Everett Dirkson who tried to make the marigold the national floral emblem. In an effort to push the Senator’s wishes to make the marigold the national flower, Pekin began growing marigolds. Pekin IL was soon considered the Marigold Capital of the World, although the marigold did not become the national flower.

The Pekin Marigold Festival is an annual event in September featuring a parade, concerts, and arts and crafts vendors. Thousands of people from throughout the area visit Pekin to celebrate this great event.

Parks in Pekin IL
Pekin is home to the fifth largest park district in the state of Illinois. From boating on the lagoon to water parks to nature trails, there is something for every kind of outdoor enthusiast who lives and visit Pekin. There are beautiful places like the Riverfront Park which is 4 acres in size and features a gorgeous view of the water as well as a festival plaza area, walking trails and more.

Mineral Springs’ Park and Lagoon is a little bigger at 200 acres includes:
•    Dog parks
•    Playgrounds
•    Skate park
•    The Memorial Ice Arena
•    Pavilion on the Lagoon
•    Sunken Gardens which includes a picturesque fountain.

Mineral Springs’ Park and Lagoon is also home to the world’s greatest sundial. There are many other great parks in Pekin as well as community and city-operated locations to help bring the community together.

Businesses in Pekin IL
There are many incredible businesses in the Pekin-Peoria Metropolitan Area. At Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc., we have been fortunate to work with many businesses in the area including two malls and apartment complexes. If you want a company that knows how to provide excellent lawn care and landscape maintenance to any size commercial property then you can trust Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc.

Some of the major employers in the area include:
•    Caterpillar
•    WITCO
•    Keystone Steel & Wire
•    Progressive Health Care/Pekin Hospital
•    Pekin Insurance

Choosing Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc.
Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. is determined to provide the best customer service to our residential and business customers in Pekin IL. We are also committed to giving back to the communities we serve. For instance, we provide our mowing services as a donation to the Pekin Riding Club and we support soccer teams in the area as well.

From landscape design to comprehensive tree care to lawn mowing services, call Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. and enjoy the look of your Pekin property.


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