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  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Tree Injections
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Lawn Maintenance / Mowing / Edging
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Landscaping Peoria IL

For decades, Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. has been serving residents and businesses in Peoria IL and the surrounding area with landscaping maintenance, design and installation. With a steady word of mouth and high quality work, our customers feel confident about their landscaping and enjoy being outdoors more in the summer. When you take advantage of our full service property maintenance, you are giving yourself more free time on the weekends and less time worrying about caring for your trees, shrubs and bushes.

Landscape Care
From the smallest flowerbeds to the tallest trees, we have access to a whole array of foliage that will complement the look and feel of your home. We take great care when installing and will provide the level of maintenance needed to help your landscaping thrive. We do lots of planting for our customer which includes:
•    Trees
•    Bushes
•    Flowers including both annuals and perennials.
•    Shrubs

We can also create a beautiful flowerbed and ensure that environment is just right to help the beautiful flowers flourish all throughout the warmer months. Our fertilizers, including a deep root feeding if necessary, will ensure your trees are receiving all the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive all year long. When it comes to tree care, we can keep your trees pruned and well-manicured to maximize their ability to take in nutrients and remove any weakened branches which can affect the integrity of the tree. We have the capabilities of pruning trees up to 20 feet and will ensure that we are taking the utmost care and consideration when working with trees on your property.

Fighting Disease and Insects on Your Trees
Our highly skilled technicians can also spot any signs of disease, fungus or insect that may be damaging your trees and then take the right course of action to prevent it. By spotting the first signs of Japanese beetles, Ash Borer beetles or Aphids, we can provide the level of treatment necessary to protect your trees from these invasive insects.

If we cannot quickly identify the problem but recognize there is an issue, we can take samples and figure out what disease, fungus or bugs are destroying your beautiful landscaping. By then using the right tree injections, disease management and shrub care, we will be able to safeguard your landscaping investment.

Landscape Installation
If you are ready to update or increase your level of landscaping, give Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. a call. We can help you create everything from a simple patio to an elaborate landscaping set up complete with brick pavers, sidewalks and decorative gardens. We have recently installed stepping stones and pathways leading to a Renaissance garden based on our customer’s inspiration to have one on their property.

Some of our landscaping services include:
•    Hardscaping
•    Brickpaver installation
•    Landscape design
•    Installation of retaining walls
•    Drainage

Using our experienced and highly skilled team, we have the ability to cut pavers to create a more elaborate and unique design, install railroad tie walls which is basically creating levels and platforms in the backyard, and much more. A retaining wall is a great feature to add beauty and appeal to an area where your property may slope down and we can even install drainage if you are finding that water pools in certain parts of your lawn. One of the advantages of adding drainage besides moving water away from your property is that it minimizes the breeding capability of mosquitoes. 

Landscaping by Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc.
Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company serving the Peoria IL area. We are not a franchised business but we do have the operation capacity to rival the biggest landscaping companies complete with various equipment and trucks as well as a dedicated, licensed and certified crew including an irrigation technician and fulltime gardeners.

At Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc., we stand by our work and we guarantee that it will meet your expectations. If not, all you have to do is call us and we will take care of any issues for you. Giving a high level of customer service is one of the many reasons we have stayed in business since 1989 and why we continue to grow tremendously.

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