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Lawn Care Peoria IL

Enjoy the lush green lawn you deserve with the help of Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. We have been performing lawn care services in Peoria, IL since 1989 and we are committed to providing great customer service to both residential and commercial properties in the area. From the smallest yards to the largest shopping malls and sprawling apartment complexes, we have the capability to manage any lawn size and guarantee to always give our best.

Lawn Care Peoria IL
When it comes to taking care of your lawn on a weekly basis, you can rely on our crew to keep your grass well-manicured and looking great. With zero-turn mowers and a reliable team of lawn care technicians, we guarantee that your lawn will look great when we leave the property. Some of the lawn services we provide include:
•    Mowing
•    Edging
•    Blowing of sidewalks and driveways
•    Weeding

One of the things that make us different than other lawn companies is our dedication to being familiar to our clients and providing a high level of customer service. We accomplish this by having the same crew at your property for each service. This way you can recognize the team working on your lawn and would feel comfortable approaching them if you have any concerns or questions. This also means the crew can easier spot any major issues with your lawn and bring them to your attention before it becomes a problem. Issues like insects, diseases and fungus can be seen before they become prevalent and taken care of quickly and effectively.

Fertilization Process
At Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. we offer a comprehensive fertilization program to ensure your grass and its roots are receiving all the nutrients it needs so it can thrive and stay green all summer long. Part of the fertilization process involves weed control so you do not have any unsightly weeds poking out through your beautiful green grass.

Our fertilization program involves six applications spread throughout the spring, summer and fall and will be customized to your lawn and what our technicians feel is necessary for maximum results. We have both liquid and granular fertilizers that we can switch and mix based on the needs of the lawn and weather conditions. For instance, if it is really hot, we will prefer to utilize our granular fertilizer because a liquid spray and weed control is more likely to burn a lawn during this stressful time.

We also carry organic fertilization options which we are happy to implement if you request it.

Additional Lawn Care Services
We have many additional services that will benefit the health and vibrancy of your lawn. When your lawn is aerated and overseeded, the soil can be opened up and nutrients, air and water have better pathways to the roots. This will keep your grass strong. After aerating, we excessively overseed with a starter fertilizer so we can help get the grass going and guarantee it will grow.

Other lawn services we offer are:
•    Fungicide and insecticide treatments
•    Deliver and install mulch
•    Spring and fall clean-up

We stand by our work. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with our work or we are having trouble getting your grass green, we can take soil samples and test it to determine the pH levels and how much phosphorus and nitrogen is in it so we can set forth on the best course to turn your lawn that gorgeous green color we guarantee.

Choose Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc.
As a locally owned and operated lawn service company, we have a long history of serving Peoria IL and the surrounding area. From our humble beginnings pushing a lawn mower for our first customers, some of which are still with us today, to the ten crews we have providing lawn care services with top-notch equipment to various properties, we have always strived to provide excellent work and the best customer service.

Contact Barr Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc. and learn more about our lawn service and how we can keep your grass healthy and beautiful.


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